To add our limits to your own figures you can use the official data points from the XENON1T collaboration, as we believe that data should be shared. They can be both found here and on the ArXiv page (‘Download Other formats’). The format is csv and the following files are included:
– x1t_n_only_limit.csv (Fig 2.)  x1t_n_only_limit
– x1t_p_only_limit.csv (Fig 3.)  x1t_p_only_limit
– x1t_isoscalar_mediator_mass_95CL_limit.csv (Fig 4.)  x1t_isoscalar_mediator_mass_95CL_limit
The files for Fig 2 and 3 contain the mass points between 6 and 1.000 GeV and their corresponding 90% CL limits, with cross sections in cm^2. The values for the plus and minus 1 and 2 sigma bands at those mass points are also included.
The file for Fig 4 contain the mass points between 6 and 10.000 GeV and their corresponding cross sections at 95% CL in cm^2. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding this data.